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SASOM is a Professional Society, registered as a special interest group with the South African Medical Association and affiliated to the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH).

SASOM aims to protect and promote the health of workers through quality occupational health programmes and clinical excellence to the benefit of employees, employers and occupational medical practitioners.

The Society objectives are:

  • Development of Occupational Medicine as a distinct and recognised multi-disciplinary speciality
  • Continuing professional development of members through accredited conferences, workshops and a scientific journal
  • Ongoing development and promotion of healthy and safe work, work environments and work organisations
  • Contribution to national and international occupational health policies and strategies

The SASOM National Office is in Pretoria and the Society has three Chapters - Cape, Inland and KwaZulu-Natal who arrange local continuing education meetings in their areas. See the events column for these meetings and for conferences and workshops.

Contact the National Office on 012 803 7418 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Notice is hereby given of the SASOM Annual General Meeting to be held at the Boathouse, 33 Compensation Beach Road, Ballito

Click here for more information.

The ARAOH/SASOM Congress on 1-3 August 2014 was rated highly by the delegates on their evaluation forms.  Individual presentations were given the highest merits and questions and discussions after a presentation was very valuable to all.

We thank the presenters and delegates for their excellent involvement!


  • SASOM'S 65th Anniversary

The South African Society of Industrial Health was established 65 years ago. The inaugural meeting took place on 26 July 1948 during the Annual Medical Congress at the University of Pretoria. In 1957 the name was changed to the SA Society for Occupational Health and, in 1985, it changed again to the SA Society of Occupational Medicine.











BIZWELL – business sector HCT reporting tool

The South African Government launched the national HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) Campaign in April this year. The business sector responded swiftly to support the Government-led campaign and, in July 2010, finalised a strategy which details how it will contribute to the achievement of the national targets. Reporting of data is essential to measuring the business sector’s achievements and investments in terms of this strategy.


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The South African Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS (SABCOHA) exists to mobilise, empower and coordinate an effective and unified business response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. 

The organised business environment offers a unique opportunity to target the millions of employees affected by the epidemic. SABCOHA strives to help companies, both large and small, in their efforts to combat the epidemic through workplace initiatives and skills development programmes.


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